How to master the neutral color palette when it comes to interior decoration

How to master the neutral color palette when it comes to interior decoration

The neutral and pastel shades dominate the European home designing industry. These colors form a significant part of English homes, giving these homes a touch regal elegance, chicness and warmth all at the same time. But infusing these colors in a home can be a tricky business! How exactly have you to balance these shades to get a home that’s picture perfect? Let’s have a look:

Use various tones and shades:
Most of the neutral shades are bland when used all by themselves. The trick is to use shadows and tones of the same color in different hues. This gives homes a new dimension altogether, bringing in a dramatic and deep look. The undertones of these neutral shades, when used aptly, can create magic, and that’s exactly what designers do!

If you’re going all neutral, you need to bring in some splashes of color. It may be the cushions, curtains, carpets, rugs, tablecloths, lamp shades or anything else – but make sure some of these things are in the brighter shades. This breaks the monotony. The bursts of colors against neutral background look very appealing to the eye – so make sure you play a little with the brighter shades too!


Along with bright colors, patterns of various types go superbly well with the neutral palette. These too, just like the bright colors, help break the monotony. So including patterned wallpaper, drapes or fabrics in either tone of the same neutral shade as the walls or in a brighter color will indeed help. Look out for patterns that are trending and effortlessly merge them in your home!

In neutral colored homes, most people opt for bright colored furniture slot online. This not only looks super cool, but also brings in the required splash of color into the home. So if you have a stonewash grey wall, why not pair it up with a turquoise or leaf green sofa? It looks stunning and brings in the striking surprise element in your home.

Colour combinations:

The most favored neutral shade is white as almost every color goes well with white. You can experiment with a tonne of colors – just throw it against your white backgrounds and watch it create magic! When it comes to gray tones, you can choose electric pink, leaf green or even a pop of orange to make it look great! If you’re going for the elegant beige, make sure you include blush pink, which is an undertone of the preceding color.

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